Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day of Rest ??

Late night, 40th Party last night, in early hours..... still got up...

I start my duathlon training properly tomorrow but I thought before I even consider the training for the bike bit, Id better make sure I can still ride, havent riden a bike for years so I took myself off to see if I could at least stay upright without making a fool of myself!

Went to the local park that I normally do my running/jogging round to which is fairly flat ....and do you know what......its like riding a bike - you never forget !!

I managed to do 3 times round the park which is the eqivilant of 10k legs were a bit like jelly at the end and what started as a slight incline was a vertical climb at the end along with the headlong wind that I was riding into

But I stayed upright which was the aim of the game, and my training doesnt start at 10k it only starts off gentle and we have 20 weeks to do 16k in 1hr or less

At least I have all the cycling uniform so if I fall off at least I'll look the part !!

Training tomorrow let you know what im up to as regulary as I can

x x

Friday, 24 September 2010

5 Brothers and a Million Sisters xx

The Picture says it all - but just incase......

I feel so lucky to have found my team-mates, maybe not the most conventional way of meeting new friends through the NKOTB reunion, but how lucky am I that I did !!

5 Brothers and a Million Sisters Forever x x


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Whats been happening?

well to be honest since the last post .......erm..... not a lot !!

Joesgirl has completed a tri-athlon, I couldnt even begin to tell you about that one so you will have to wait for her to update you, she is also started a course in fitness training so again she will keep you posted on that one.

What we have decided to do is to slightly change the content of the blog... yes we still be findraising for various causes which is the reason we embarked on this fitness quest and blog in the first place - nothing changed there, but,

We thought it may be more interesting for you, the reader, rather than seeing we did blah, blah, blah race and we raised £xxxx we thought you may like it if we turned it round and you joined us on our fitness journey.

As you can see from previous pictures I am NOT an athlete I am average Joe Bloggs who has put on a lot of weight through having 3 kids and lifestyle choices - not an excuse I know I had choices - - I made the wrong ones (and lots of them- many of the chocolate variety!!) but Im here Ive lost 3 stone so far - still about a billion to go though - but I'll share my journey with you, with the fundraising side and the fitness side- by NO MEANS professional advice - and please check with doctors before starting any fitness/diet campaign- just me bimbling through losing weight, getting fitter and pickingup snipets as I find them.

SO all that said whats next in line ??

Well we have a December Team Santa Dash in Liverpool - A truly bizarre sight of 1000's of Santas running through the streets in order to beat the world record - Las Vegas beat us last year by about 40 - so this year there will be 3 more santas !!!

And then....

*hands up* I know in the middle of winter I can think of more important things than jumping onto my treadmill or out on the bike - ITS WINTER the majority of the animal kingdom slows down or goes into complete hibernation ........ what do we do........ sign up for a duathlon in MARCH !! - so that means no let up for training :(

I'll be the one training on the bike with the hot water bottle stuffed down my front dodging the ice patches......ho hum the things we do

Speak to ya next time