Thursday, 30 December 2010

Pound for Pound - are you in??

*Hands up* I am the overweight member of the group Im about haf way though my journey still a long way to go though, so with January right around the corner and the last christmas goodies finished its time to knuckle down.

Its hard during the cold winter months to get motivated and to carry on the motivation for any length of time when you look outside and the sun of summer seem so far away - but how about losing weight for a good cause??

Doesnt cost you ANYTHING apart from a commitment to lose some weight but could mean the world to others.

The Biggest Loser have thrown down the challenge : for every pound in weight we pledge to lose until May 31st 2011 they will donate 11 cents to Feeding America (enough to secure 1 pound of groceries on behalf of local food banks) to a maximum of $1,040,000

As you know we are not in the US but ours still counts as does ALL pounds pledged from wherever you are - we are raising for the Central Boston area Food Banks here is the link to the page - join a team - register yourself and your pledges if we all use the same zip code of 02108 which will link you into the Central Boston area food bank and search for team name 'DOING IT FOR THE KIDS' and it will join you in with other team members

Together we can do this - great motivation - New year - cruise in May

Come on Blockheads what have you got to lose - when families will gain so much - together we can do this x x x x

Monday, 27 December 2010


So, Christmas - a tough time for us dieters!!! I had to stop running here 10 days ago due to the icy slippy pavements, but, while I was away for Christmas Eve-Boxing day I ran in the fields near where I was staying - that felt good, jogging along snowy tracks on Christmas day morning!!! I got through Christmas day without too much over-indulgence, but Boxing day included an entire Chocolate Orange - big oops. Annoyingly the gym I use is shut until the 4th January, but I'm hoping the pavements thaw out asap so I can get back to running, and I'm doing some band workouts in my flat in the meantime! I'm going to start planning my New Year New Body regime this week - in with veggies, pulses, whole grains, lean meat, plenty of fish and out with the crisps, chocolate and too much coffee!! In with a sensible daily workout and out with the crazy irregular bursts of over-activity. Let's hope that the lovely training diary I got for my birthday will help me stay on track!