Wednesday, 31 March 2010

one of our inspirations x

There's an angel that waits for me x x

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

19 days to go

Had a bit of a reality check the other day, got so wrapped up in kids finishing school for Easter, baby finishing playgroup, letter home re-opening playgroup on 13th April.... oh ok then no problem

BUT.... WAIT....THE 13th ..... BUT THATS THE WEEK OF THE MARATHON.......But it can't have crept up that quick surely...but yep here we are 19 days to go including today..
starting to feel a bit nervous/excited about it now.... t shirts are ordered, and despatched...Diet is good .. due to giving up Chocolate for Lent... (that was another good idea at the time!) ..

*note to self* - dont give up chocolate if you do the marathon next year - because it has now in fact been promoted to one of the main food groups...

training has been stepped up to 13miles which includes 2 rounds of the couch to 5k (week 2) running programme (thanks to ktsummer and the running blockheads) to increase the intensity, and have now included core stability excercises and rowing I could even pass for actually knowing what Im taking about - but alas no for my training I have my long suffering supportive husband who has worked most of it out for me - I LOVE YA MATEY x x x

Friday, 26 March 2010

We got another one!!!!

Team Lets Fight This are still going strong - its hard to Blog and Walk you end up tripping over things !!! only joking -

Its been a busy time, families, Work, Life in General -Joesgirl74 is over in Egypt at the moment for work and has to take her life in her hands just to cross the street so the majority of Joesgirl74's training has been on the treadmill

Im still here in sunny (not!) England trying my best to fit in training with kids being off, then hubby being off, fitting in work - Ive said it before and I'll say it again - this training lark is great its just life that gets in the way! - Ive been trying to step it up a bit and mixing long walking outside alongside the couch to 5k programme on the treadmill, so hard the first time I did it but gradually/slowly making progress - I must admit I am starting to feel the benefits and look forward to some 'me time' (even if the 'me time' at home on the treadmill involves and audience with the family and after I have cleared the treadmill daily of cars- because apparently it hakes a good race track ?) and do have a sense of accomplishment and do feel better when I have finished apart from the aches so much so that I am starting to look past the marathon onto my next challenge - I'll let you know about that at a later date

So enough of me and Joesgirl74 - we have some other good news - we have another team member @MazNkotb - welcome to the team Maz great to have you on Board x x x x

Im sure that once Maz has got into the swing of things she will be posting on here too.

Speak to you all soon x x @ddubsgirl4life