Monday, 15 November 2010

back on the wagon

Well Ive managed to flag down the wagon and Im back on again !!

Just been weighed this morning too see what the damage was and to my surprise I have only put 2lb on - not bad considering all the junk I have been eating - maybe chocolate IS one of the main food groups after all ??!!

So anyway Ive faced the music - which is always the hardest part I think, when you have taken a hiatus and had a few weeks off for whatever reason (in my case cold that lingered and lingered.....) but you have to think - Right it is what it is get back on track and onwards and upwards -

I know some people dont agree, and I know its not the healthiest way to go - but Me personally I am better if I feel myself waivering on the diet, training to take a break completely and then come back to it fresh when you are in the right frame of mind rather then carrying on half- heartedly and getting nowhere.

I already know that my training has taken the knock and it will take me a bit to get back to where I was before but I am postive that it is easier and better mentally to take a break, be a little out of condition and improve than run the risk of injury or even worse starting to resent the training and dread getting your trainers on - which if I have come this far I really dont want to do because Im really starting to love the training and the changes I can see - even if you had asked me a year ago I would have laughed at you !!

So here's to the wagon and all who ride on her !!!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Back and on a new regime!

Well, I'm back, and am annoyingly 6lb heavier than I was when I left. I had a good trip, but did have some sad news while I was away, which came to it's (rather tearful) end when I went straight home to my parents to attend my Grandads funeral after I got back to the UK from Egypt.
But, time to move on, and time to shift those pounds, and get back to fitness. While I was away I did manage 3 weeks of a 20-30 minute run every morning, then started travelling so spent hours sat in a car - eating junk snack food. Not good.
I've devised a new meal plan, and a new workout plan which STARTS TOMORROW........!!!
Soon I'll be setting some 2011 event goals (aiming for at least one half marathon and a minimum of a sprint distance triathlon or two).