Monday, 19 October 2009

Why choose a Breast Cancer Charity?

I said that I would let you know why I chose a breast cancer charity, yes I am a blockhead but I have a more personal reason for choosing this group of charities.

I always religeously check myself monthy - it is one of lifes necessary evils, I hate checking myself but the thought of not scares me even more, so anyway Id been checking myself and nothing untoward to report, we had been doing a fair bit of decorating and stripping of wallpaper and I had what felt like a pulled muscle under my arm, which wasnt getting better, but with being right handed its not like I could take it any easier to rest the muscle, so went off to the doctors just to make sure.

Doctor agreed that it was just a pulled muscle but did find a thickening in my right breast just by the breast bone, which sent me into a flat spin, I am so fastidious about checking myself and I had missed this which makes you think on what else have I missed, I was a young(ish) mum with 2 small children who were 3 and 5 at the time and Ill be honest with you every time I saw them and my husband I just burst into tears, thinking the worst. I went to the specialist who thankfully diagnosed me as having benign breast tissue and was nothing to worry about, but would flare up throughout the month due to normal hormone fluctuations.

I can honestly say for those couple of days until I saw the specialist I have never been so scared.

My doctor and the nurses at the practise were fantastic and even a couple of years later when I was pregnant again and obviously had hormones up the wall sent me off to the specialist again to calm my fears, what I did learn throughout the days is how differently it could have turned out and how much I appreciate the kindness of the doctors, nurses and my close family and friends.

Since then it has been toying away in my mind of raising money for the charities, but then my son was in SCBU overnight when he was born so I raised money for that cause, which brings me to today.

Yes I am a New Kids Fan and all of the fans out there know what Danny has had to endure, but this is on a personal level more than anything, and to be honest I dont mind which Breast Cancer Charity it is for as long as it is for one of the group and we get as much money as possible by any means and get this disease beaten once and for all - together we can get this x x

Weight loss Friday

Well it's Monday couple of days late but weigh in at Gym on Friday was ...... (Drum Roll) ........

Lost 2 lbs - woo !!!

So to date

Weight to lose 70

Weight lost 8

To Go 62

How do I feel? I feel pretty good even though I am aching ALL OVER today, Hubby said I should be on 45 minutes walk/jog on Sunday, he didnt tell me the first part was up the side of a mountain - he said (as a seasoned runner) it was an incline not from my point of view matey, it was a vertical climb - must remember grappling hooks next time, and to top it all off I must have done what felt like 42 miles turned out to be 3.7 !!!! - so Im not speaking to hubby today because he was making fun of me all night - ho hum onwards and upwards !! new week

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Weight loss Friday

This posting will be every Friday but I forgot to do it last friday so from now on it will be on a Friday after I have been to the gym last week lost 6lb

I want to lose about 70 lbs overall - Im a big girl - hence no piccies yet - and why it makes the marathon an even bigger (pardon the pun) challenge

The way I am looking at it - if I can get through the next 6 months training that will be beneficial for my long term health then it will be a precious gift to continue with and for my family to benefit from, I will still be here for them and also be able to join in rather than sit on the sidelines, and not forgetting the struggle that I will be going through in order to get fit for the race is nothing compared to the fight that many, many women go through daily, they are the ones that have the courage, fight and grace- my heart goes out to you all x

to lose --------70
lost ---------- 6
to go ---------64

woooo - go me !!

Reality Check

Well, sorry it has taken me a while to do my next post, the shock of being accepted has worn off and reality has set in now !!

My Husband has done many marathons, and various other runs - (he calls them fun runs, Why I dont know?? there isnt ANYTHING fun about this !!)

So anyway I figured it was better to get some advice from someone who had already done a fair but of running and knows my habits - all good of course - NOT !! rather than trawling the sites and books for advice on how to start running rather than the obvious put one foot in front of the other faster than normal - and someone who will kick me out the house even when it is raining and there is something really important on the TV - soap operas are informative and real life arent they ??

My Personal Trainer as hubby will now be called rather than what I want to call him after excercising has sorted me out a training plan for the next tow weeks based on a complete novice, so here it is:

Monday - Walk/Jog
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - Day off - WOOOOOO !!! and Hump day too!!
Thursday - Gym
Friday - Gym and Small walk/Jog
Saturday - Day off - I could get used to this !
Sunday - Long Walk/Jog

and Week by Week

Week 1 - Walk/Jog
Weekdays - 35 min
Weekends - 45min

Week 2 - Walk/Jog
Weekdays - 45 min
Weekends - 1 hr

Week 3 - Walk/Jog
Weekdays - 55 min
Weekends - 1hr 10 min

Week 4 - Walk/Jog
Weekdays - 1hr 5 min
Weekends - 1hr 20min

Week 5 - Jog
Weekdays - 1 hr 5 min
Weekends - 1hr 20 min

As you can see my husband is obviously getting his own back on me for what I called him when I was in Labour with the kids !!!

so far, so good though, the gym I go to is Curves, dont know what type of workout you would call it Ill find out and let you know but there are various machines that you do 30seconds on each with a 30 second jog inbetween and you do the circut 3 times, and it is OWWWWW in the morning so it must be working.

In the next few weeks I will let you know my PERSONAL reasons behind wanting to do the run for a breast cancer charity, and to also if you dont mind I will pass on the donation details on so if you would like to sponsor me -

And finally I will start to post some pictures for you, when I get some batteries for the camera or I get brave enough to post them - whichever comes first

Until then take care and be safe - keep checking yourselves x x x