Monday, 23 November 2009

Back in Action

I followed the Doc's advice properly, and took a week off training. Last wednesday running club was hard work - but mainly because I had lost fitness rather quickly! Saturday I spent a few hours in a London gym with a chum - that was good, I worked extra hard on the treadmill, sweated loads and felt quite good afterwards! This morning I felt that work though - legs of iron for the first 20 mins of my early morning run, but the aches soon worked themselves out and I had a good run in the end, despite being nearly blown off my feet outside Lime St!!! Onwards and Upwards!!! We have had many good ideas for fundraising to add to the sponsorship - keep checking here for news!!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Missing in Action !

Well I've been missing for a week or so, LIFE !!!!! We've had Joes Girl out of action being a tumble tot in work and Ive been laid up with the flu for the past week, this training malarkey would be so much easier if life didnt get in the way !

I did however do my training up to being ill, and took delivery of my christmas/birthday present early of a vibration plate machine - for those who dont know what they are it is a platform that you stand on which vibrates and you do various exercises on up to 3 min on each it does work because it throws you off balance so you have to work twice as hard on the muscles. well I think I spent most of the time laughing or falling off it not sure that is what you are supposed to do but I had a giggle, Mark was rolling on the floor laughing at me he couldn't speak for laughing at me - so much for support! and a week later my teeth still havent stopped rattling -

So I'm back in circulation now, fighing off the last bit of flu and getting back into the training, met with Joesgirl today and she is good now, and back in training herself and all entered into the Santa Dash in Liverpool - love to do it myself but am literally left holding the baby because hubby had already entered himself and then takes my 2 daughters around the mini dash so I am left with only the baby and Starbucks for company -- oh well its a tough call !

Friday, 13 November 2009


Yes, I fell down the stairs. Got to have a week off training, then a slow return. But it has not stopped me signing up for the Marathon!!! Very exciting! Links to donate will appear soon!

Friday update


Joesgirl74 is out of action for a week or so - but will let her keep you up to date on whats happended - all I will say is work isnt good for you and get better soon chicco x xx

on happier notes,

Had my weekly weigh in and lost 3lb so guess who's a happy chappie this week so to date that is 14lb Woo!

And Tadahhh we are officially entered into the shine marathon so will soon let you know on ways to sponsor us if you dont mind


Coming up soon we will have some NKOTB stuff up for sale to add to the contributions - calendars, etc so will let you know when they are available

Until next time - take care ......... and be careful in work !!!!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Signing in

Hi everyone,
So, here I am! We're going to do all we can to raise as much as possible, and will have plenty of ideas that you can help us with, so keep checking in! I'm currently nursing a 'flare-up' of a very old injury, so having to be a bit more careful with my training; I had the ice and hot-water-bottle out after my club run last night.
Let's Get This!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Partner in Crime

Both myself and my partner in Crime are doing this marathon together as a team, along with any other blockheads we grab along for the ride and pretty soon she is going to start adding her posts here so you will be able to keep up with the team progress. I know I havent given you my name but I think to save any confusion and because you have probably 'met' us on there it would be better if you know us by our twitter names:




Can you guess who our favourites are ???!!!

UPDATES ......

So weigh in last week, stayed the same - but in my defense it was halloween and all those sweets are bad for the kids, and I DO always tell them to share !! so I am back to the grindstone this week with a vengence - I did however have my first measurements taken ( since being measured at the start)and have lost a total of 10.25 inches overall - my Gym instructor says that is is a better indication sometimes because as you are working out muscle weighs heaveier than fat so you may be staying the same but toning up more - So maybe it wasn't all those Halloween Sweets - hmmmm does that mean that I can use that excuse another week ??? dont think it will work in the new year - months after Haloween - but you never know !!

I may even be brave enough to post some pictures soon - if any of you know Donnie though I have the same interpretation of 'soon' lol

Until next time, take care x x x

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Midnight Marathon here we come x

Sorry this was my very first post - deleted it my accident - DUH so here it is again, good for a little reminder of why we are all doing this

Welcome to my new blog,
Breast Cancer is a disease that affects so many people and the knock on effects for friends and family runs even further because of this I have chosen to enter into the Midnight moonlit Manchester Marathon 2010 in aid of the
charity Breakthrough Cancer

I, as well as a lot of women have been touched by cancer
in some way and any financial help that the many
charities can raise is a huge step in the breakthough
for a cure, join me on my trip from non runner
through to marathon runner/walker raising as much as
I can along the way - wish me luck !!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Missing in Action !

I know I havent been here for a while I have been working out - I promise - The kids and hubby have been off school this week so Ive had to try and fit it in around all sorts plus had an injury, - my first !! so to bring you all up to date, 2 weeks ago maintained weight, Friday 30th October lost 3 lbs, so still going in the right direction, x

Went on my long walk/job on Sunday last week did well then went supermarket shopping and twisted my knee turning the trolly - so not exactly a sporting injury, but sounds better than 'I did it shopping' - thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it !! so for last week I could only do upperbody exercises at the gym and no long walks - not very exciting im afraid.

One thing I did discover though was one night my calves were REALLY, REALLY painful, apparently it was a build up of lactic acid in my muscles because I hadn't been exercising but for one night it was so painful, so if ever I needed an excuse to carry on exercising that is it just so I dont have to experience that again.

On a positive note though, because me knee still isn't right yet I have invested in a treadmill, so I can still walk/jog at home until it is better because I dont want to set out on a long walk/jog and my knee be too sore and Im in the middle of nowhere, so until then Im tied to the treadmill.

Kids are back in school tomorrow so I'll be able to step it up a gear between now and the Christmas Holidays

to lose......... 70
Lost .............11

To go ...........59

Till next time, be careful x x x