Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Why do we do it?

Why do Team Lets Fight This do what we do?

We are NOT elite athletes by any stretch of the imagination, and sometimes we ask ourselves why we are doing it when it would be so much easier to succum to the lure of the chocolate and the couch.

Then you would be reminded of someone who has been touched by Cancer or is in the middle of the Fight either themselves or family members, and it brings it all home to us WHY we do it.. because WE CAN, and WE MUST.

If we only raise £1 in sponsorship then that is £1 towards a cure,

During the Race 4 Life on Sunday it is so humbling reading the dedications as to why people are doing the same thing - although sometimes it is hard to run when there are tears in your eyes, but it really hits home how MANY people are affected by Cancer.

This was our first Race 4 Life (not Joesgirl74 shes a veteran !) but I can assure you it will not be our last.

I know a few of the team-mates said that their legs were sore and stiff on the Monday but when you think about it - to be fit and strong enough to DO the race in order to suffer with the stiffness the next day - WHAT AN AMAZING FEELING

Coming soon we have a guest blog post from 'across the pond' and her personal experience of the Komen for the Cure events

Monday, 19 July 2010

Guess who's Back ??!!

Tadahhhhhh - Team Lets Fight This did it again and this time with a new member to the team!

We have all been training for the Race 4 Life 5k in Sefton Park Liverpool - the only one that we could all get together for (and in my case the latest one to give me more time to train lol !)

but we battled against, families, work, illness (not good in the week leading up to the run) and we did it !

Opened the curtains on Sunday morning after having the worst nights sleep EVER looked at the weather and thought it would be so much easier to crawl back into bed - but I didnt it was one of those 'fake it till you make it mornings' so on went the positive attitude along with the Lets Fight This team shirt and dont forget the Pink grass skirt all topped off with pink flower garlands - under normal circumstances I wouldnt be seen in a pink grass skirt - not unless I was under the influence ! so it must have been for a good cause.

Then came the next decision where to position ourselves? Joesgirl74 was fine she knew she was in the runners..... the rest of us...erm???? no we aren't runners so that was that category out.....are we joggers??? or are we walkers??? as far as we could see they didnt have a half/half flag to stand by and we figured that we were fast walkers/slow joggers so we stood in the middle ! and then we were off

Joesgirl74 finished in an amazing 26min (and that was with a wardrobe malfunction too!)

The rest of us....... We walked/jogged our way around the course, cursing every branch and exposed tree root on the ground - this along with the sprints that we put on for show when we saw any family members - lol

and we finished in 39 min (no wardrobe malfunctions for us!)

Then to the important business of the day .... Tweeting the results !

We had the BEST day ever, raised money for a GREAT cause and spent some time together as a team

Team mates together,
Blockheads for Life,
Friends forever x