Race Reviews

BUG RUN - SPEKE HALL 10K - Sunday 2nd October

So this was the race that I reluctantly signed up for, nothing against BugRuns AT ALL because I loved the last one, 

 I knew that my fitness wasnt up top notch and to be honest I was going to use this race as a benchmark to see exactly where I was up to.....and was VERY surprised.

Pic Courtesy of BugRuns
 So in the week leading up to the race we had an unscheduled heatwave, and those who know me know how much I love running in the heat - Not ! - but with the raindance working I found myself on the start line, Starting in the grounds of Speak Hall in the shadow of the great house the starting siren sounded and we were off,  It was a great flat course, all along the estuary, so great views all round and plenty of space around to let runners pass without feeling like you are in the way, although it is a bit entertaining when the leaders are on their way back and Im still at 4k but there is still a great atmosphere, you bid the leaders well done and they still find the time - and energy- to wish you good luck too !(I've found in the past 2 races that Ive done, the first one I started off too fast, the second one was rediculously hot so both of them I found myself walking) so my main objective for this one was to hold my own pace and ignore everybody passing me and to just try and make it round without stopping regardless of how long it took me............well....... I surpassed myself..........not only did I make it all the way round without walking BUT I did it in record time (for me!) taking 5 min off my 10k PB !! in a time of 1hr 10min - and got a super sexy bronze medal to be proud of :)

I LOVE the Bug Run races, they are always so welcoming regardless of your ability and the marshalls encouragement never waivers, they are always smiling, clapping, cheering you all the way round, and they NEVER make you feel that you are too slow. love them, love them I am a Bug Runner convert - thank you all so much for a wonderful day x x


MERSEY TUNNEL 10K. Sunday 12th June
Knowing it was probably going to rain, I had more wardrobe dilemmas than usual in the pre-race preparation for this 10k than usual - which is really saying something!! I decided on leaving my waterproofs and warmer clothes in the baggage bus, and wore a light, longsleeve top under my Alzheimer's vest, with long leggings - and simply gazed at the hardened runners wearing vests and tiny shorts in amazement!!

This race starts in Pall Mall, plenty of space for milling about, chatting to friends, eyeing up the competition and queueing for the toilets (15 min wait - not too bad for a 3500 person crowd!)

I met up with some of my fellow Mossley Hill Athletics club members for the start line, but once the gun went there was no talk of us sticking together - each man and woman for themself!!

I crossed the line about 2 mins after the gun, and joined the huge throng of people winding about the streets heading for the tunnel entrance. It was really packed, and there was little chance of me running too fast for myself, I was hopping about wiggling around people and almost had to stop once or twice! We got into the tunnel, and quite a few people decided that the initial downhill stretch was an opportunity to really go for it. Several Brititish Military Fitness team members streaked past me - I have to say that I later passed most of these people!!

The sight of the tunnel filled with runners as we hit the uphill climb was really impressive! I kept up my pace and made it up the tunnel, out and up the VERY steep 100m slip-road to the 5km mark in 27.40 (ish) minutes - a slower 5km start than last week, BUT over 1km of that was uphill so I was not unhappy with this.

At this point there was a water station, and the tops were being left ON the bottles which meant that the road was scattered with bouncing bottle tops - a bit dangerous (apparently later on they changed this and the bottles were handed out with no tops on).

As anticipated, on exiting the tunnel we caught up with the rain. Not too heavy though, so not unpleasant. We wound around a few streets for 2km then hit the promenade for the final 3km stretch. I love this bit of this run. Long, straight, (mainly) flat, and the wind was behind us which made the rain bearable. I gradually increased my pace, knowing I stood no chance of a 50min race but confident that I'd come in under 55mins, I hit the 8km mark at 43 mins, the 9km mark at 48 mins and then really pulled out everything I had for the final km and made it across the line in 52.27!! About 400m from the end I was really struggling to keep up my pace but dug deep and pulled off a sprint finish - before almost collapsing once I'd crossed the line!

All in all a very successful event. I enjoyed this race last year, and I can now say it is probably my favorite Liverpool run. The goodie bag had the usual suspects - a Natures Valley bar (yum!), Mars bar, energy drink, T-shirt and medal (an especially nice medal this year!).

Another PB - in part thanks to really nailing my race psychology, making sure my ipod was set up with my favorite party tunes (Thanks Jordan, Enrique and Pitbull!!) at about 43 mins to get me through the difficult 9th km, and taking advantage of my nervous/adrenaline jelly legs!