Sunday, 13 February 2011

So much to catch up with !

So since the last time I posted so much has happened, I have revised my training schedule - and have made a commitment to myself although I havent signed on the dotted line yet !

The Liverpool Marathon is back for the first time for 20 years and have made the ultimate decision to run/jog/walk round. more on the cause that I will be running for at a later date - not that I am skipping over the reason - but it is a cause that has touched the people of Merseyside and continues to - so for that reason it will have its own posting.

I also tried Zumba - eermmmm I'll let you know how that went when I stop laughing - So funny lol !

I will be posting every few days - If Im doing the marathon - then you are all doing it in spirit with me !!

keep you posted x

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Just a quick one !

So just a quick on as a recap - I looked into joining a running club because I did enjoy the company of going out with hubby but he has his own training to do - but due to other commitments it was hard to find a club that fitted into family life - so after a quick search I found on Amazon a series of programs for MP3 download so I have 8 weeks to a 10k pride of place on my MP3 ready to rock n roll come Monday, followed by a half marathon program and a full marathon to finish with so depending on how training goes (and how my nerves hold up) would bring me nicely to the week before the Liverpool Marathon so Plan of action is to see how it goes and make a decision on the Marathon in a few months - I'll let you know how I get on - Wish me luck - eeeeekkkk :)