Saturday, 19 June 2010


For a donation of at least £3 to my Race For Life page you'll recieve a copy of an hour long interview show with Joe, Jordan, Jon and Donnie (Danny was back in the USA with his broken leg) and Simon Mayo from the 1990 Hangin' Tough Tour.
Want to hear them doing an impromptu rap to Madonna Vogue????? Then donate £3!!!
Donate then email me - the address is on the donation page!!

We did it!!! (again!). @munchkin75 and I completed the Lupus Superheros walk/run in Greenwich park. It was a great event (in the main) and the sun came out for us. Here we are as Lupus Superheros -with wings!

I'm really pleased that I met my target of £300, Lupus is such a nasty condition and it does not get much attention really.
So - onwards from here. Next event - Race For Life. There will be exciting news on here soon regarding fund-raising for that! Training? Well, I did the Lupus 5k with the beginning of a really horrid cold that is really not shifting, so I've had a
week off. Hopefully I can ditch it this weekend and get back into the running shoes!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

sharp reminder

If ever I had a sharp reminder and a dose of reality on why I am doing the Race for Life it happened this week - My friends mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on Tuesday and is in fact going in for her operation tomorrow - the scary thing is though as an older woman she never checked herself monthly and the lump was only found by accident by her grandson banging into her by accident when they were playing and it hurt, all hats off to the health service though for their quick response - but it brought home to me how many women (and men ) STILL DON'T check themselves regularly -

so PLEASE, PLEASE read the information provided by the link to NHS Uk below and be aware of any changes and see a doctor AS SOON as you notice anything - I personally would have written on my medical records 'She's here AGAIN' rather than 'Didn't come early enough'

This has got nothing to do with increasing traffic to the blog or getting more readers/followers but PLEASE forward this blog page onto as many women as you can

Once again I cant emphasise enough the importance of getting this information to as many people as possible

Love to you all x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Make the most of every day x

Many apologies Ive been ill for a while - nasty illness bug that i couldnt seem to shake but We (not me !) have been keeping up with our training I PROMISE YOU !! and we have some great items coming up - one of which is a guest post from one of our followers doing the Komen 3 day Challenge- Amazing- but for now I have a lovely passage for you reminds us to make the most of every day and to live it to the maximum x x
Time Waits for no-one
See the Second Hands move swiftly
And the minutes speeding on
Then the hours passing quickly
All too soon the day has gone
Always moving, sure and strady
Certain as the endless tide
Father time is not your master
Let him always be your guide
Think of those whose days go slowly
Those whose moments creep along
Think of all the lost and lonely
Offer hope to make them strong
Watch the minute hand still moving
As the hours slip away
Use each precious moment wiselyMake the most of every day