Friday, 21 May 2010

Dear Danny

Wow, how excited was I to see the latest news from Danny?? Fabulous idea... he's certainly our inspiration!
I'm going ok with the training, I rashly signed up for a 10km race on the 30th May, but, perhaps, as it's making me work a bit harder, it was a good idea!! Munchkin75 and I started new training journals this week, a consolation-for-not-being-on-the-cruise present! I've filled in all the planning pages, chosen my 'target' races and set out a Plan for the nest few months. The great thing is that it includes diet too, so I log the number of grains, nuts, proteins, fruit, veg and sweets/fried foods I have each day. Made me realise that I eat a lot of nuts/beans and not much veg!! Fundraising for the Lupus run is going well, I'm just over halfway to my target but I have an idea up my sleeve - watch this space for a 'memorabilia' sale!!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Flunning anyone????

Flunning is apparently for my single friends amongst you is a new craze of flirting while running hence - flunning - hmmm

Obviously not me being married, but got me thinking about this, it seems an obvious place to meet people, it used to be you met people in work because that is where you spend the majority of your day, I suppose that if you are both running you have healthy living in common,

For me though I'm thinking, Im walking/running got mp3 plugged in with some automated voice (that I have nicknamed Max cos he reminds me of Max Headroom) telling me what to do, Im bright red, puffing and blowing away, sweaty, and knowing my luck Max will tell me to start running just as he stops to speak so I'll just look rude and run off, so Im thinking, that should I be on the market it is not the impression that I would want to give a potential suitor, although if he still fancies you looking like that fair play to him !!

For me though, I would much rather do the flirting in the gym cafe, after a workout, after a shower, after make up applied, and looking like I always look like this after a workout - doesnt everybody??

Tink - oh then I'm back to reality and I'm back to Max shouting at me to run, run, run for 3 minutes !!

Week 3 day 2 - doing great so far

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

each day is a gift x

picture courtesy of european blockheads