Tuesday, 3 April 2012

WOW What a time to relaunch !!

No excuses for our absence but sometimes life just gets in the way, life, families, illness etc ......but we are BACK - and what a time to relaunch !!

The event that started the whole blog off is back and we are ON !

back in 2010 a group of girls came together for the SHINE Moonlit Walk - a walking Marathon through the night - we had a blast - tough - but fun

2011 - work commitments meant that we were unable to take part.

2012 - we are BACK ON - and a team again - So 8th September 2012 will see our team of 5 uniting with thousands of others to raise money for Cancer Research UK

Again there is a half or full marathon (the half we didnt know about last time until the night !) but the way we figure the trains stop overnight so we will be waiting until the trains start running again to get home so we may as well go in for a penny in for a pound - and to be honest the whole team is of the understanding that the temporary struggle and pain of walking the full 26 miles is nothing compared to the fight that people face everyday in their battle against this terrible disease - LETS FIGHT THIS !

Join us again on our journey through training /nutrition / races and out the other side - we promise to not disappear again :)