Monday, 31 January 2011

I DID IT !!!!

Finally Ive managed to complete the 5k on the road !! -

Ive had the route mapped out for a while and have been edging closer and closer to finishing it all the way ...... and today I DID IT !!!!! and I felt fantastic and actually (and never thought id say it) felt that I could go on.

oh and on a funny note .... remember last post of treadmill not working - hubbys friend came round to have a look at it and was a coathanger stuck in the motor lol - works fine now ! pity I prefer the open road (another thing I never thought Id say!) so I can see a treadmill coming to an ebay near you in the very near future !

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Doing it the old fashioned way

Why is it as soon as you come back fighting something comes up to test you ?? - I was back up on the treadmill going great guns and it broke :( never to return again....... so what did I do? (apart from nearly flying off the back lol) I got off and put a plan of action in place..... as you know hubby has done many many years running so Im off out on the open road... plus I figured that if I am going to reach my goals for this year of a 10k, half marathon and possibly *whispers* a full marathon then I will need to do proper 'real life' running.

So Hubbys day off work up and ready to rock and roll 1.5 times around the park is 5k dropped the kids off and it snowed, and snowed and then to top it off sleeted, I thought we would be able to have the morning in the cafe, but NO I was cold, and wet but I did it 45 minutes walk/running - and do you know what I WAS ECSTATIC ! It felt totally different to the treadmill and the next day my legs ached in places I never knew could ache but Ive got the bug - since this I have been out again different route still 5k and did it in 36minutes ! a WHOLE 6 MINUTES FASTER !!!!!

Bring on the challenges !