Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Going gets tough

Ive also signed up for the Croxteth 10k on Sunday - must have had a moment of madness lol - I know I can run 8.5 miles and the 10k is only 6 (and a bit) miles - but I went out today and couldnt even manage 2 ?? - my breathing was all over the place, felt like I was going so slow I was nearly going backwards.

I had such a tizzy with myself on the way back to the car, whole mix of angry with myself, frustrated, crying, wanting to give it all up - all of the above.

Spoke to hubby who has done loads of running and apparently everybody has days like this, when its a struggle and you want to give it up but you just have to accept it - try and power on through and if it doesnt work accept that today it isnt happening and put it behind you.

I tried but it just wasn't happening so it is time to accept, deal with and move on .

This wouldnt be a problem if i didnt have the 10k on Sunday, my FIRST 10k race, and to be honest its making me doubt my ability to finish on Sunday.

Postive thinking, and onwards and upwards - I CAN DO THIS !!!!!!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Working up to Croxteth Park and Mersey Tunnel 10k runs for Alzheimer's Research

Well, I signed up for a couple of 10k races, and decided to make them my charity runs for the spring. I lost my Granny to Alzheimer's, and it is a really traumatic condition, especially for the loved ones of the sufferer, watching my mum and Grandad go through so much pain was terrible. So, I'm doing what I can to help - just £100 funds a day of research, so I'd like to at least get that much, hopefully a lot more!


So - training for it. Well, I kept things up ok in Egypt doing a specific strength training program, classes and the 'Quick-Slim' program at STEP center, Giza, Cairo.
In Miami I did a few morning boardwalk runs (very very enjoyable!!).

I also went along to Ironflower Fitness for a 'Cheerfit' class, with instructor Tiffany (see pic below), which was really great fun.
The Studios are really amazing, and the girls there were so welcoming and friendly!!
I've done a few sessions since I got home, but not actually run 10k since the crazy seaside run in January, so this morning I went out for 1 hour 12 mins, and cracked 12k, so I should be ok next Sunday!! I've not been eating particularly well since Miami, the dreary British weather is not inspiring, so I'm starting afresh with a new summer work/training/study /healthy living program on June 1st!!

Please help me raise money and awareness of Alzheimer's, it can affect anyone, and it is truely devastating.

THANKS - together we are stronger, together we can achieve anything.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Sorry, sorry and sorry again

WOW how long has it been ? and the longer that time has gone on the more things have happened and the more I have to let you know about and then I get all in a muddle trying to remember them all - I will write them all down and do a post on each of them probably not in the right order though - but me up to date in a nutshell is..... still training........diet good........toe hurt........toe doesnt hurt.........still training ....... oh with a bit of life juggled in along the way as the running/training season hots up there will be more posts and will bring you up to date... its one of those things though, been plodding along through the winter miserable months ready to emerge in the summer a beautiful toned, lean machine butterfly .......and I am ........until I wake up ! lol

Until next time - keep healthy x x

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Name change and cruise report

So, I'm going for a profile name change.... @joedannysgirl74 is now @claireM74
The cruise??!!! It was amazing, and provided the best workout ever - dancing for 7 hours a night!!! Since coming back I've been so tired it's hard to focus, BUT I feel so inspired by all the love I encountered and all the great people I met that I feel more determined than ever to keep it all up! I've already been for one training session - circuits!! I ache today!! I am setting new goals, a few 10k races over the summer to see me through the final stages of my studies. Hoping to get to teach a few sessions in the gym as well, I need instrctors to go on holiday so I can get their classes!!!
I'll keep updating! Together we can do anything!