Monday, 20 June 2011

Post Race Euphoria - time to get back to business

So, the races are done, for the moment, we have one more in the diary but it is a few weeks off. So now is the time to get back to business. Back to planning meals and training schedules, tweaking and trying to be a 'good' as possible. We've been discussing Protein/Carb balances a bit recently, via text! It's so hard to know in some ways. SO many diets promote low carb, high protein regimes. But that is no good if you're trying to train for longer distance runs, or even if you just run regularly - you need plenty of carbs to keep the energy levels high enough to be able to keep running harder for longer. I am an obsessive reader of fitness magazines, and every month every one has a new idea of a new balance, a new way to eat.... Carbs before, protein after working out. Protein before, carbs after. No carbs afer 7pm. No supplements and all fresh and natural v loads of supplements and meal replacement shakes. CONFUSING??? Oh yes!!
So, after some deliberation, I concluded that really you just need to get a good balance. Nice low GI healthy low fat carbs (veggies, rice, cous cous etc), plenty of lean low fat proteins (fish, chicken, nuts, yogherts, beans) and tons of veggies, salads and pulses. Not rocket science, meat or fish and three veg perhaps!!
For me, that means actually eating more proteins. I am a carb-aholic, so I'd like to swop some of the carbs (bread??!!) for more fish and pulses in what I eat - that is the goal for the next week or so!!
Training? Well, that is all on track. A few runs (intervals, and longer runs), a couple of gym sessions (mainly strength based weights with cardio after) and swims, and on Monday evenings, Yoga with Patricia - who is 80 years old and fitter & more flexible than the 20 years old students in the classes!!

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