Thursday, 23 June 2011

Saying goodbye to the Marathon :(

It is with a heavy heart that I have made the decision to not take part in the Liverpool Marathon 2011 - and I have to be honest .......I'm totally GUTTED :(

Ive been losing weight steadily for the past 2 yrs and to date have lost 4.5 stone but still have about another 3 (ish) to go, and yes running is great for toning up but, on my long runs I was feeling that I wasnt 'fueled' enough to last the distance.

With me only starting Slimming World recently I dont feel confident enough to make the decisions on running diet yet, and yes in theory as per the earlier post it will be good to do the protein/carb days when I am in the swing of things but for this year and time ticking by I dont feel that I had the time to suss out the diet without having a negative effect on the diet as in eating the wrong things, but then I couldnt afford to have the running taking a knock because of lack of energy (if that makes sense?)

Now that the pressure is off I have the time to take stock of the diet, I know what I need to eat to fuel runs and I know the Slimming World plan, all I need to cross reference to maximise both.

Plus there is the heat ... I dont know if its the spare weight I have or just me, but I go down like a sack of spuds in the heat as it is without running in it, and have noticed a couple of times when Im running home from work its a real struggle

next up is family, pure practicalities kick in, if both hubby and myself are doing the same run then we need someone to look after the kids, plus there is all the long training runs, I did mine on a Saturday, hubby did his on Sunday = no family time,

Running is something that I have only just recently discovered first hand, spectator yes, participating only since March and is something that I want to fall in love with for many years, and dont want to put the pressure on so much that I dont enjoy it in the first 6 months

I feel sometimes that Im using them as a cop out and making excuses but they genuinely aren't

just the place where I am in my life at the moment. Its not over by any means and this is being treated like an obstacle that needs to be overcome.

And overcome it will be, I am not saying no, im just re-adjusting, yes A marathon will happen, it wont be the Liverpool one this year but it will happen, I still have a 5K and 10k in the diary, and a half marathon in August, so for the remainder of the year is being spent on ME, losing the remainder of the weight and building up my base fitness, ready to train over winter for a spring Marathon, hubby can train during the summer months when its hot and I can train over the winter months when it's nice and cold - but watch this space IT WILL HAPPEN just needed a little tweeking around the edges

I remember Kate, my Slimming World consultant explaining (see I do listen lol ) about the journey we are all on, you can either take the direct route or the scenic route, unfortunatly, in this case Ive had to take a diversion but the destination is always the same , healthy living, healthy diet, healthy fitness - all in moderation

So to all those runners embarking on the 'Long and Winding Road' my hat is off to you, and I have so much respect for you all, I will still be there cheering you all on - saving my biggest cheer for my hero hubby.

Good luck to you all x x x x

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